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gratitude for meira

"It was an incredible experience, working with Meira. Her ability to perfectly encapsulate my vision into a logo and design was truly remarkable. Lots of people are talented graphic designers, but few people can truly capture what’s in someone’s heart. She was patient and encouraging and reassuring when I worried I was being too picky or giving too much input. It was an empowering process as well. Meira reiterated more than once that this was my logo, what represents my dream, and that she wanted it to be exactly what I wanted and for each iteration to match what I envisioned. 

It was also wonderful to work with someone who is so centered in their heart. When I consider what kind of energies I want to put into the foundation of my business, I feel truly grateful that Meira's frequency has been added to it. 

My business is already growing, and I feel so incredibly empowered to make a difference in the world with the healing abilities I have to offer. Thank you so much Meira for your services! They are such a gift."

Sam | California, USA